Allison Anne Ramirez (BFA 2019) was born and raised in the Bay Area. She attended Oceana High School and later enrolled at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with her heart always set in cinema. Ramirez’s passion for filmmaking started from her love for alternative rock, and the music videos attached to her favorite songs. Attending SAIC widened her understanding of cinema, and soon, Ramirez dove into creating her own narratives. Among the rise of her art practice, Ramirez has produced several shorts and concluding her BFA with feature length film Ten Four.

Artist Statement

Ramirez’s work is inspired by the human experience, emotional intimacy, and trauma. Ramirez explores raw emotion such as grief, excitement, and rejection through long and short narrative form. Themes expressed in her latest work are feminism and Asian identity. When events are static, Ramirez feels a need to bring them to life, to energize them, to make them hyper real and vivid. She takes a mundane idea and enlivens it with moving images, examples, and metaphors. Alongside, she wants her information to survive in her films, and to stay with the viewers when the film is concluded. Ramirez focuses the viewer’s attention toward the place created, and is driven to create her films for hunt of emotional connection within the viewers and the piece. Ramirez is drawn towards points of abrasion and their powerful combinations.

Ten Four
Boy Cloud
Goodbye (See You L8r)
Old Leaves