Anthony Presley lives and works in Memphis Tennessee. He will be receiving Bachelors in Fine Arts in Studios at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Presley’s film work has been included in over 30 film festivals including the Chicago International Genre Film Festival. His photography work has been in 20 group exhibitions and his work has been nominated and won 17 awards including the Experimental Edge Festival Photography Winner and Best Horror Short at Top Shorts Film Festival. He is currently in production of two short films and working on a solo interactive exhibition.

Artist Statement

I started to do Still and Moving Image as a means of documenting images of my at the time, new-born nephew. What made me decide that Photographic Imagery was the path I was meant to go on was when I saw the photo “Siamese Twins” by Joel- Peter Witkin. I am influenced by the Italian cinema genre; Giallo, Alfred Hitchcock, Darren Aronofsky, and Neo-Noir Films.
Common topics I cover with my work are typically related to the darker side of the mind such as: Mental Disorders, Victims of Violence, Trauma, and Abandonment. I do not stick to just one form of Still/Moving Imagery because the underlining psychology that goes with my work can be done effectively with different styles and make my body of work be limitless. Bold saturation and vibrance of colors are frequent in my work while being balanced with black; Black being a primary color I use and meticulously edit my work to have the remaining colors to work for the photo as a whole. I use Still and Moving Image to not only document the surroundings around me, but to create Conceptual and Effective works that establish themselves as individual stories. Many themes and topics involved in my films are based on actual events and socially current topics disguised as Narrative Horror and Psychological Thriller short movies.
My ultimate goal with my visual career is to become an effective storyteller. My work is constantly evolving with trying new means of documenting my subjects and taking Psychology and turning it into a visual interpretation.

Here We Come Film Poster 2017, Photography/ Graphic Design
Spirit in the Woods 2018, Photography
Vigilance at Night Film Poster 2019, Photography/ Graphic Design