Friday, May 10 - 7:00 p.m.
Gene Siskel Film Center

Program 8 – EXPO

Friday, May 10

7:00 p.m. – 65 min

The Comedy Club by Madolyn Rusen, 5:30

Addiction by Chris Tsai, 10:00

Vicious Ramble: Beneath U by Elena Chimaera, 3:39

Hide & Seek by Hyojin Im & Susan Rhee, 8:25

Cora: One Step by Jay Thakkar, 2:30

Here We Come by Anthony Presley, 7:35

The Last Forgiveness by Mengyue Han, 8:04

Distressed, Angry and Sane by Eli Lira, 1:25

Dreamland by Xinyu Li, 1:28

The Stream of Consciousness by Hill Yim, 5:26

The Setting Sun by Joyce Jiao, 5:30

The BFA EXPO in Film, Video, New Media, Animation, and Sound by this year’s graduating seniors explores the breadth, ingenuity, and potential of time-based media studies at SAIC. The works in this program demonstrate not only technical ability and prowess, but more importantly creativity, experimentation, and innovation within the medium. Bouncing between heartfelt, mystical, and hilarious, this program includes works such as Madolyn Rusen’s The Comedy Club, a pointedly stylized look behind the scenes of a nightly performance; Hide & Seek by Hyojin Im and Susan Rhee, a 3D animated portal into both painful and lovely childhood memories; and Dreamland by Xinyu Li, a delightfully creepy animated nightmare using both hand-drawn and stop-motion techniques. Highlighting the talents of these graduating students, the BFA EXPO is an exciting celebration and culmination of the past four years of these students’ developing practices at SAIC.

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