Amanda Lynn Hoopingarner

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Printmedia

My artwork is a conversation on the intertwining parallels between botany and the human body. This focus is not one of biomorphism but of the marriage between the function and folklore of botany with the markings and history of a body. Each invented plant is specifically curated to allow the inclusion of a human timeline, creating a new folklore. The narrative behind these processes utilizes varying mediums and is amplified by using nontraditional materials that provide deeper struggle and problem solving: fabric, printmaking, drawing, clay, wax, rubber, latex, hand-sewing and needles.

As an artist, I mix my work between trauma and healing. Both don’t always make it into a singular work; sometimes what I create is focused more on one or the other. Within this content, I employ the practice of making intuitively. This method allows my work to be enveloped in the nature of escapism; joy found in the world I created as a coping mechanism throughout my timeline, materializing in the present. This approach frees the work and provides the opportunity for symbolism to evolve naturally without force.