Amira Hegazy

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Printmedia

Amira Hegazy creates art, books, poems, and interactive experiences that manipulate cultural symbols and domestic spaces to produce art that addresses political and social issues. She lives in Chicago, Illinois though she is a native of Milford, Michigan where she grew up between traditional American and Egyptian cultures. Amira’s experiences with racial and gender based discrimination inform her work and motivate her activism.

Amira has an MFA in Studio – Printmedia from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She also holds a BA in Studio Art and Sociology with honors in International Immersion from W&L. Social science and research continue to be an important part of her artistic practice. Amira works as an artist, letterpress printer, educator, and rare book conservator. She has exhibited her work at the International Print Center of New York, The William King Museum of Art, and other venues internationally.

Amira is the proprietor of Statement Press where she creates prints and artist books alone and in collaboration with other artists and writers.