Billie Carter-Rankin

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Photography

Billie Carter-Rankin (b. 1995 Milwaukee, WI, USA) is a visual artist based in Chicago, IL. She graduated from Howard University in May 2018 with her BFA in Media, Journalism, and Film with a concentration in Film production. She recently completed the final year of her MFA program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a concentration in Photography. Over the past year, Carter-Rankin’s work has been featured internationally in exhibitions such as the Setouchi Triennial 2019 in Japan, This is The End? in London, U.K. along with a number of publications such as Typical Girls Magazine in London, U.K. and Root-ed Magazine in Liverpool, U.K. Currently, Carter-Rankin uses experimentation in her work to examine the influences of time and process on private and public memory.