Cortney Stephenson

Low-Residency Master of Fine Arts

Cortney Stephenson is an interdisciplinary artist with a dedicated studio and curatorial practice, whose major means of expression has been painting. Her studio practice is currently grounded in the exploration of memory, and different temporalities through material processes. She is interested in working with media that exhibit properties performing dual expressions of behaviour⁠—and particularly how this potentially changes when interacting with the viewer, and their environment. Stephenson is currently based in Toronto, On.

“Out of Site, Out of Mind” is a fragmented, multidisciplinary project, exploring themes of landscape and geology, process and materiality, and time and memory, through analogue and digital processes. This project is presented in two components: part one includes images and studio documentation of the work installed as wallpaper; part two is an external link that will open to an online iteration of the project presented as a hypertext document.