Daniela Triana-Mayorga

Master of Design in Fashion, Body and Garment

I am a collector, a maker, and a storyteller. Being from Colombia taught me about resourcefulness, in a society where people work so hard for so little. It helped me appreciate the value in everything in a country where abundance is a foreign luxury.
My work grows from my experience as a first-generation Latina immigrant. I explore the stages of a migrant’s journey and the struggles that come along with the pursuit of the American Dream. I aim to be a voice for alienated communities, generating dialogues that lead to a change in society. I manifest ideas of community and resiliency taking a stand for humanity during critical times of hate and discrimination.
I use art to communicate the value of collective stories. I create sculptures and installations by de-constructing and accumulating objects of the same kind. I see materials as a universal language that needs no translation.