Elizabeth Cote

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Sculpture

The work of my thesis was meant to invoke sensation through it’s scale and viscerality.

I cast large-scale gelatin sheets encapsulating rust felt panels.

The felt and gelatin are permeable membranes, together they are liminal space. These membranes engage an in-between space, a space that is a conjunction, an “and.” This is a space of gelatin and felt, this is monumental and miniature, this is disgusting and beautiful, this is decaying and being preserved.

This interactive website allows you to experience my work through it’s documentation and visual viserality. One thing that is missing is the smell. I ask you to imagine a musk. Something like a too ripe orange, like the tang of your own sweat, like the old wool sweater in the rain, like the rusty metal in your grandparent’s spider infested shed.