Emily Beanblossom

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Sound

Emily Beanblossom is an artist and musician from Chicago, Illinois. Her live performances are structured around minimalist compositions using both analog and digital tools. She recently completed an MFA in Sound Art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, studying composition processes (or methods/systems) for music and sound. Rooted in DIY music culture, Beanblossom strives to make a lot with only a little.

“I have recently found through the work in my previous projects that, when one provides a simple prompt to another person (or a prompt to oneself), along with time and space to ponder on it, ideas emerge and unexpected gems arrive at one’s doorstep. I appreciate that sentiment, and feel my work is simple in its nature – to arrive at the little truths, and to allow for things to unfold as they will. In my own musical practice, I rely heavily on my intuition, especially trusting gut feelings in the compositional process (even when the decisions don’t make sense at the time.) I employ the use of sonic collage, field recordings, voice, and synthesis, combining the spirit of ​musique concrète​, Dada’s Surrealist games, and acoustic ecology.