Gloria Fan Duan

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Art and Technology Studies

Gloria Fan Duan, 段晓春, is a Chinese-American artist working at the intersections of art, science, and technology. Her practice falls within the poetics of science and philosophy, and attempts to capture the mysterious aspects in both fields of inquiry. In doing so she aims to shed light on what is traditionally seen as incomprehensible. Concepts that exist as pure speculation, like death or the future, can never be explained due to the inherent limitations of the human experience. It is because of this that they remain obscured and in constant opposition from our known existence. In order to examine concepts of the un-guessed, her works explore simulacrous points in reality, speculative futures based upon the passage of time, and visualizing the invisible.

段晓春, Gloria Fan Duan, 是在艺术,科学,和技术交汇处的华裔美籍 艺术家. 她的作品与工作充满诗情,涉及科学和哲学,并试图探究这两个领域的神秘未知与未来。她的目标是代表传统上难以理解的未知与未来。由于人类经验的固有局限性,我们对一些像生前与死后的存在以及未来都无法解释。正因为如此, 这些未知与未来仍然被我们所知的存在掩盖。为了探索这些未知数, 她的艺术化无形与有形 利用时空穿越来模拟,展示人类相像的未来。