Huixin Xian

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Visual Communication Design (Graphic Design)

Conceptually, my practice as a designer addresses the causations and consequences of collective human misperception and illusion in modern society. I see how individualized perspectives on social constructs are significantly dictated by a history of self-inflicted trauma. Thus, my work sets out to disentangle personal psyches so they can extrapolate to a broader public context.

Formally, the interdisciplinary nature of my role as a visual communication practitioner allows me to create narratives with the most befitting medium including but not limited to, sculpture, painting, graphics, virtual reality, and installation. My work — which incorporates elements of interactivity, platonic exchange, and personalization — is not an exposition of ideas but an invitation for introspective engagement. The measured and sterile style of each piece is intentionally juxtaposed with emotional idealism or spiritual ambiguity to address the dissonance between the reality and the mind.