Jessica Tucker

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Film, Video, New Media, and Animation

When we Keep In Touch, we take a step back—a step back into our bodies. We are present, and together in our solitude, finding groundedness and agency in how we see and activate ourselves through the digital devices we live with. Keep In Touch is a score for solitary performance that embraces remoteness and the extension of the body into mediating devices, while at the same time redirecting digital mediation towards a heightened sense of the immediate. Delivered as a voice recording in six parts, this score can be followed by anyone anytime. Synchronized group performances are also scheduled throughout the summer 2020 and open to participation. Listening to and following the instructions, performers each record several short videos that are later collected in a virtual domestic space, online at the link below. Follow the link to view the full audiovisual rendering of these performance artifacts and to access the score for yourself.