Katie Meservy Strader

Low-Residency Master of Fine Arts

Spirituality In the Time of Covid-19 or Post-Hegemonic Spirituality In the Time of NEO-NOW, is an interdisciplinary piece comprising video, sound, printing, drawing, installation and writing. It is a sacred space representing the creation myth of Blodwynnismn, a religion that focuses on Equality of Divinity. By rejecting organizational systems, it functions outside ideas of hierarchical prescription thus relinquishing problematic moralization and power dynamics. Instead of worshiping a being, one believes in the “force” of creation/destruction, which is part of us as we are a part of it. The worship is in the act of creating which the viewer participates in by co-creating the space as they enter, activating it with their own world views. This transcendental space is filled with made and found objects, color, texture, light and projections but it’s the act of creating this sacred area that demonstrates a spiritual practice and how I worship.