Krina Shailesh Mehta

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Designed Objects

Krina Shailesh Mehta is an Architect, born in Mumbai (India), who received her MFA in Architecture in May 2020 at SAIC. She completed her Bachelors in Architecture in India and has been a practicing Interior Architect ever since. During her time in the MFA program she focused on designing built environments and installation art. She is interested in Interior Design curation and collaborating art with architecture. True to her values and training, she looks forward to working for Architectural and Design firms within the United States. Krina’s thesis work at SAIC was based on her perspective of the Indian concept of Vastu Shastra. She believes in the true and scientific facts about Vastu Shastra and takes a stand against the placebo of religiousness in the practice. With this research, she intends on creating aesthetic environments to focus on the importance of one’s life rather than capitalism of Vastu Shastra.