KyungMook Kim

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Film, Video, New Media, and Animation

5.25 Squared Meters (WIP) explores the existential and political questions that lie between incarceration and freedom. The work draws from my personal experience in South Korea’s Tongyeong Detention Center from 2015 to 2016. I was sentenced to eighteen months in prison due to my objection to military service. During this time, I was put into solitary confinement. 5.25 Squared Meters refers to the size of my prison cell, it is a VR installation placed inside a cell built to those measurements. The VR project explores the incarceration of one’s physical and psychological faculties, along with the struggle to retain and regain a sense of agency and freedom. It chronicles my imprisonment through journals and letters that allowed me to survive and maintain my autonomy. It deals with space, memory, and identity by focusing on the phenomenology of being incarcerated, an experience that alters one’s sense of space and time.