Nura Husseini

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Visual Communication Design (Graphic Design)

I am a Chicago-based designer, artist, curator, and educator from Ramallah, Palestine. Much of my work centers on the intersection of identity, memory, fantasy, and belonging, all stemming from a socio-political perspective. I explore my personal experiences grappling with multiple identities and attempt at deconstructing enforced neo-colonial ideologies through modes of archival storytelling. My practice takes many different forms, including artists’ books, print, installation, light projection, textiles, and sculpture. I explore and work with traditional crafts, motifs, and artistic customs, such as Palestinian embroidery, and how they are used in building cultural narratives.

Threshold is a light-projection installation that investigates the juxtaposition between the concepts of reality and memory, truth and fiction, and space and time within the context of the domestic space as an imposed reality on the Arab female body through symbolic systems. I further explore these concepts in a virtual space in Occupied Vacancies, and investigate the effect of technology and viewership on these representations. You can experience both pieces below, followed by a project statement for more information.