Peyton K Davis

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Printmedia

Processing thought is an infinite internal landscape; our psyche is constantly building passages between current and prior experience, constructing our identities, negotiating decisions before our actions, all in a unique and altered time and language. Separate from our physical reality, this internal dialogue is deprived of finality, incapable to be held as a whole.

Through drawing and printmaking, I’ve constructed a language to portray this active mind and my obsession to define it. My work is an attempt to catch a snapshot of a triggered memory, psychological uncertainty, and present thought, as they interweave and interact.

My current work revolves around the deconstruction and remembrance of my time in the U.S. Army from 2013-2017. Utilizing drawings and research obtained from a deployment to Afghanistan, I have created a body of works which strive to portray the complexities of that experience and its overflow into life after the military.