Rawan AlWazna

Master of Architecture

It all started that day when an ink well was discovered in the land of somewhere. A tower arose on top of the invaluable liquid, giving birth to a whole new city and ink was its constitution.

To execute its greedy vision, the all-seeing-eye tower stands tall, higher than everything else, extracting the ink for its own benefits yet, distracting away from it through entertainment in this rig-like city which disguises gruesome truths through its festive facade.

The fun ride which sits on top of the tower can quickly turn into a horror ride not only if a citizen attempts to disdain or complain, but also, refrain from participating in the shouting ceremony which can be heard from this, and each and every other ride in the city. These carnivalesque machines are the characters that make up this city.

This is the city, and this is its story…