Saiyyamee Surana

Master of Design in Designed Objects

The relationship between human beings and food is not only associated through taste buds but is significantly linked to the other senses such as smell, touch, and sound. The interconnected network of senses interacts with the food in ways that are not obvious to the quotidian observer. Exploration of these interactions can help to unlock the potential of the multi-sensory experience food has to offer.

Sensing Food is a collection of tableware designed to re-imagine the eating experience by provoking the different senses. This collection is a palpable manifestation of the typically perplexing theories of gastrophysics. Shape, texture, sound, and aroma are the physical cues that have been incorporated in the tableware to stimulate the senses. This work can also be viewed as an extrapolation of how the relationship between humans and food will evolve in the future.