Alexandria Eregbu

Master of Arts in Visual and Critical Studies

Alexandria Eregbu is an award-winning, Igbo-American artist and educator who seeks to inspire through storytelling. As a scholar, Alexandria studies craft legacies and material histories in order to consider everyday use objects and experiences that dignify Black life. As an artist, Alexandria works with recycled objects, print and dyes, indigo, wood, cowries shells, cloth, and collected items to create paintings, performances, sculpture, installation, and time-based media to engage nature, design, memory, ecology, and the spiritual. Her most recent work, MMIRI: Origin Stories begins with ‘The Reason Why We Hunt’ — a cautionary tale about what happens when a young woman fails to recall her past. As a short film, the piece, narrated through the questions proposed by her great-grandmother, introduces the central conflict of artist, Nnenna Emmanuel and her quest to understand her creative purpose after realizing her faculties have been co-opted.