Low-Residency Master of Fine Arts Degree

multidisciplinary artist.
desires for their work to be digestible as conceptual takeout meals.
they smirkingly play with words,
see here:
chinese takeout meals; filling, but left with a greasy residue.
the primary concerns?
imperative for them to analyze their spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental carbon footprints.
they are the story’s teller.
giving life its roses before we become occupied with some more.
their work navigates the urgency to hold “temples of attention.”
their art practice involves the endless exploring of collaborative methods to bridge my writing, photos, paintings, videographics in installations as a way to preserve and/or capture delicacy and honor it more.
the crux of their artistic production is driven by the relentless pursuit of research and knowledge, mining the emotional and material culture of families and communities to push out spaces of mental and emotional resets.