L.A. Chappe

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Film, Video, New Media, and Animation

A writer and filmmaker originally from South Florida, I create moving image works on the border of documentary and fiction. I approach Film/Video as an extension of writing, thinking of my role to be an “artist as reporter” of the internal and external conditions I bear witness to. I am inspired and take influence from the documentary tradition, capturing from life, while also intending to create cinematic moods and atmospheres. Much of my recent body of work is under the umbrella “Documents for a Deep Future,” a process in which I record personal observations over time, and then go back through a personal archive of collected material to recreate a subjective impression of lived experience that is also connected to larger socio-political subjects, finding links, patterns, and associations through editing and sound. I am also interested in narrative in art as well as the using video as a tool for cultural criticism.