Maple Ye Feng

Master of Architecture with an Emphasis in Interior Architecture

I am currently in my last semester of my Master Degree in Architecture with Emphasis on Interior Architecture at the School of Art Institute of Chicago. I have also completed a Certificate of Historic Preservation at SAIC, and I have been more focused on the artistry and cultural aspects of architecture and creating a build environment that can reflect the uniqueness and rootedness of people’s lives and evoke a sensitive atmosphere to enhance how people move and feel. Currently, I am completing an architecture and preservation internship for the whole academic year to gain practical knowledge and to apply what I have learned from my Historic Preservation Certificate education. In my undergraduate studio projects from the University of Sheffield in the U.K., I focused on the dialogue between history and nature paired with the structure within design. After I graduated, I spent one year working in Shanghai as an architectural assistant at an architectural firm. I was involved in schematic designs for both commercial and hospitality projects.