Maurício Chades

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Film, Video, New Media, and Animation

Maurício Chades is a visual artist and filmmaker from Brazil. Decay, death rituals, speculative fiction, interspecies relationships, and tensions between city and forest are some of the subjects that cross his production. Between moving images, writing, object, graphic, photography, bio-art, projection, public events, performance, and installation, his works permeate different formats as a way to better respond to the problems raised by each project. With a Master’s in Art and Technology and Bachelor’s in Audiovisual from the University of Brasilia, he is pursuing an MFA at the SAIC School of the Art Institute of Chicago, in the Film, Video, New Media, and Animation department. In Brasília, he participated in the collectives Espaço AVI, Kinofogo Cineclube and NINHO – Collective for Research in Art, Interactivity and Agroecology. His short films were screened at some of the most important Brazilian festivals, such as the Tiradentes Film Festival, Curitiba International Film Festival, São Paulo International Short Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro Int’l Film Festival, and Brasilia Film Festival; as well as festivals in the United States, France, India, China, Argentina, and Colombia. He participated in group exhibitions, such as the FILE-International Electronic Language Festival. In 2019, he presented his first solo show, Pyramid, Urubu, at The Brasilia Digital TV Tower.