Mikey Mosher

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Printmedia

Mikey Mosher is a Chicago-based collage and multimedia artist. While his practice is primarily rooted in hand-cut collage, most of his recent studio work revolves around the implementation of projection, sculpture, and stereography as a means of communicating the various forms of collage he has been experimenting with. This studio work involves the re-application of his approach to hand-cut collage to the mediums of video collage, found-object sculpture, and projection mapping. Conceptually, Mosher’s work is pulling heavily from his academic background in religious studies, specifically the religious history of the United States and its relationship to American politics. While his hand-cut collage work explored the deep ties between religion, power, and media in American life, his more recent work has begun to explore the topic of his own spirituality while continuing to employ cultural critique through that process.