Paige Alice Naylor

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Sound

Paige Naylor is a Chicago-based artist and educator working within mediums of sound, performance, video, and writing. She is an MFA candidate in the Sound Department at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) specializing in voice and electronics. Paige’s work deals with intimacy, playful and interactive environments, facilitations of social and emotional transformation, and ephemerality often in collaboration and participation with/from others. She considers voice as material both physically and conceptually, and incorporates aesthetic responses to death, loss, and grief in order to animate the absent body. These concepts are embodied through sound installation, sonic archival, song, durational and participatory performance, sound meditation workshops, and text and movement scores. Paige has exhibited work and performed at Chicago Cultural Center, Terrain Biennial 2021, Experimental Sound Studio, Elastic Arts, Hyde Park Art Center, Mana Contemporary, ADDS Donna, SAIC, Zhou B Art Center, Links Hall, the Empty Bottle, and Vox Populi (to name a few).