Peter Evan Costas

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Photography

Peter Evan Costas (b. 1993) is a Chicago-based sound & image artist who uses mixed media to reconstruct and unearth memories and imagination. Through a combination of photography, sound, sculpture, performance, and painting his work drives to both communicate the veteran experience and to use memory as a catalyst for fiction. Having served on submarines in the US Navy from 2011 to 2016, his personal experience within the military is a constant totem of time, growth, humor, trauma, and secrecy. His current project, ABSAEKDOM, is the culmination of experience, reflection, and improvisation through which the last ten years of his life are being transformed into an ocean world of his making. Peter Evan Costas currently combines experimental musical instruments with photography and sculpture to use as aural-visual improvisation drawn from the many varied sounds he heard, both mechanical and organic, as a Sonar Technician aboard submarines in the Pacific Ocean.