Robert A. Taylor III

Low-Residency Master of Fine Arts Degree

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Robert A. Taylor III is the creator of Feral Grin. Using conceptualized characters referred to as “Ferals,” Robert, addresses topics of racism, nostalgia, popular culture, and Chicago aesthetics in his artwork. Robert spent many of his formative years in the downtown Chicago Streetwear/Hip-Hop/Art scene. The environment was and still is a melting pot of fashion, music, and art enthusiasts working together as a community to build up each other. It was here that Robert first found art works by Takashi Murakami, Brian Donnelly, and Hebru Brantley, the biggest inspirations to the artist’s process. In addition to painting, Robert serves as a multidisciplinary artist working in wood, metal, and acrylic in his sculptural work.