Sarah Brophy

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Art and Technology Studies

Through the activation of geometric shapes, found patterns, and moving images, Sarah Brophy’s video installations create sensory experiences that consume space in unexpected ways and test the transcendental capabilities of 21st century technology. Her work critically explores the social and political impact of computing technology on contemporary society, often searching for what gets lost or gained in the transfer from physical object to intangible pixel in the digital simulation of natural phenomena.

Sarah received her BA in Studio Arts from Bard College and is currently pursuing her MFA in Art and Technology Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has exhibited in multiple large scale public art venues including the Berlin Festival of Lights, Chicago’s 150 Media Stream, ILLUMINUS Boston, and Boston’s Art on the Marquee program, as well as in Gallery 263 (Boston), Williamsburg Art and Historical Society (Brooklyn), and Savvy Contemporary (Berlin).