Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Sculpture

Valien is an interdisciplinary artist who focuses on time-based sculptures. Since coming to the United States in 2011 (with a non-resident visa), he has been making art as a way to navigate his assigned identity as an alien. The personal, time-based medium he has developed expresses his existence in a country that, while becoming home, remains foreign. Valien began to pursue a deep interest in the natural sciences, particularly plants, at Bunker Hill Community College, where he graduated with an Associate Degree in Biology. He then transferred to Columbia University, New York, where he completed his Bachelor of Arts. Since that time, he has been investigating the way nature exists in the urban landscape, in part making living sculptures out of disposed furniture as a form of storytelling. He has received the Pritzker Graduate Fellowship, Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Fellowship, and Abakanowicz Fellowship of the Institute for Curatorial Research and Practice.