I am multi-media artist, painter, printmaker, musician, poet, writer, & performance artist. My current work has been influenced by print making, I find that one medium informs the other. In my work, my desire is to bring the viewer into a space where they become open to the forces of imagination and spirit. I believe Art can transform us. I believe art can take us to a new awareness, create new sensations, and form.
I enter the painting with body and mind, searching for the images as I wander through the canvas, or pick up a pen, or my guitar, or sit down and touch the keys on my piano. In the newer work, I begin to un-paint the paintings, creating work that is more minimal, and monochromatic. I am interested in process, the process of Becoming, the process of Creating.

Responding to EXXON OIL SPILL/Music & Lyrics/Patti Rain