Laura B. Young is a candidate for a Master’s in Art Therapy and Counseling from the School of the Art Institute. Young currently holds an internship at Riveredge Hospital, an inpatient psychiatric hospital and has also interned in residential and community settings. Young is a mixed media artist who enjoys experimenting with sensory components in their artwork.

Artist Statement

Laura B. Young exhibits their graduate project art component in Reconstructing Care. This project explores how affirming access to mental health resources is limited for transgender and gender non-conforming individuals. The artist explores their experiences with mental health services as informed by their lived experience as an art therapist, consumer of mental health care, and as a non-binary individual. In order to expand upon existing literature and praxis and build a starting point for further research, Young collaborates with others from the transgender and gender non-conforming community to amplify and share oppressive experiences ranging from therapists’ lack of knowledge of these identities to the pathologization of one’s gender presentation.

Untitled Cardboard, Found Objects, Acrylic Paint - Memory flickers in and out as time disintegrates much like my understanding of myself.
Agency Ink & Digital Manipulation - Made after a conversation with my therapist around agency, autonomy, and having a body that is percieved as female
Pathology Tempera Paint Sticks, Marker, Pen
Untitled Pen & Digital Manipulation
Break Through Tempera Paint Sticks & Digital Manipulation - Using someone’s correct pronouns is quite literally a key piece of “keeping people safe”.