Reservations Required

To continue promoting social distancing the Media Centers will require anyone coming to the Media Centers to check out resources to have made a reservation on our Patron Portal ahead of time. To assist in ensuring pickups go as quickly as possible, all reservations will be assembled by Media Center staff so everything is ready for you to pickup by your scheduled pickup time. Reservations will need to be made a minimum of 1 hour prior to your pickup time. In order to limit traffic and to ensure your resources are ready for pickup, we ask that you arrive as close to your scheduled pickup time as possible.


Checkout Length

As a part of the Media Center’s effort to de-denisfy campus, standard Media Center checkouts have been extended from a 3 day to 7 day maximum length. Checkouts that are made for 7 days may not be renewed, but checkouts that are made for less than 7 days may be extended for up to a 7 day length in total.



We have made some exciting changes to our fine policy:

  • Late Fines will no longer accrue during closed hours
  • All fines can be discussed privately with our managers through our Media Center Fine Appeal Form. This form includes late fines and loss/theft/damage fines. 
  • If you have a late fine you would like to dispute, you may appeal for a reduction or waive through our Media Center Fine Appeal Form. Your appeal request will be anonymous until your request is approved or denied. 
  • We no longer have a 30 minute grace period after your return time. This is to ensure that our equipment is easily turned around for the next patron in need. 
  • We no longer honor fines from any departmental cages on campus. Only a fine from the Media Center will prevent you from creating a reservation. 

Our full improved policy can be found here:


Certification Workshops

The Media Center offers online certification training materials through Canvas that are essential to students seeking instruction and access to media equipment outside of class. Learn the basics on a variety of media production equipment available at the Media Centers. 


Media Center Special Request

We have a new process for making specialized requests. What we used to call an Instructional Equipment Request and Special Equipment Request have been merged into a single new type of request called a Media Center Special Request. The Media Center Special Request form can be accessed on our Patron Portal using the Media Center Special Request Checkout Center. If you are using this system for the first time or need a refresher on how it works we have an instructional guide to assist you.

Information regarding all of our specialized requests can be accessed here.


Room Reservations

To create better accessibility, you can now reserve many of our labs, shooting spaces, and studios through our Room Reservations center on Patron Portal. These rooms are accessed through your SAIC Articard, instead of picking up a key from the Media Center.