Neal Markowski is a composer, musician and sound artist living and working in Chicago, IL. His work tends to use instruments and recording devices in ways that they aren’t always meant to be used. Then again, maybe they are supposed to be used like that? He’s also a big fan of various kinds of magnetic tape as well as records – both of which feature heavily in his installations and recorded output. When not wrapping cables, accidentally buying records off of eBay, or trying to find a replacement for Hot Doug’s, he’s usually making sounds, looking for sounds, or trying to find the best way to capture a sound.

Still from "0:00:35-0:00:37", Fall 2014, digital photograph
Outtake from "0:00:35-0:00:37", Fall 2014, digital photograph
11/64, Spring 2014, installation for four tape players and sixteen cassettes
GC111, Fall 2013, installation for guitar bodies and televisions