Viewing my forms is an active process. The body must partake in it, too. We must move around them because we never really quite see the full picture since there are always more marks on the other side My forms are gentle; they don’t like to aggressively force markings and images down our throat. They are inviting us to see, to spot, to look, to observe, to scan, to study, to discover – to discover the diverse multitude of ways of seeing.
My work eschews the digital format. But it is not nostalgic or romantic, nor is it shunning our present generation of shiny, plastic visual stimuli. Instead, my forms are merely humble reminders, to help stabilize the process of seeing as an experience, or more specifically, to revitalize and highlight the joy of seeing and the pleasure and whimsy in re-introducing the body as a medium of seeing.

Untitled Form I (2014) Glazed ceramics, acrylic, crayons, markers 10" in diameter X 48"
Installation shot
Untitled Form II (Navy Pier) (2014) Glazed ceramics, crayons, markers, ink 45" X 45" X 11" Sticky Match (2014) Glazed ceramics 5" in diameter X 24"
Untitled Form III (2014) Glazed ceramics, acrylic, crayons, markers 13" in diameter X 57"
Untitled (2014) Mixed Media