MP__ll’s work is centered on the development of provisional frameworks for sculpting and drawing. Inspired by the accessibility and ease with which digital apps modify and re-present the world, Powell uses quick and economical methods to construct human-scaled devices for art-making. By emphasizing the tool itself, the work becomes more about future potential rather than any one particular composition in the present.

Variable Duplicator, 2016, wood, aluminum, castors, flexible router extension
Foam Provisions, 2016, floral foam coated in polyvinyl
Variable Painter, 2017, wood, projector, appleTV
Print Provisions, 2017, projection on digital print
Variable AR Assisted Sculpting, 2016, iPhone, foil tape, ink on paper, wood, selfie stick, Augment App
Pluto Follows You, 2015, Projection, Kinect Sensor, Processing