Born from a frustrated fashion designer and a photographer, she grew up with half-sewn garments on every chair and piles of photos on every bed stand. These “unfinished” objects led her to dance, and enact their lives. Her parents and their accumulations, had dreams.

Textile connects to the landscape as global resource, labor-value-commodity structure, cottage industry, and immigrant underpaid labor. But, cloth remembers itself as sacred. Textile is a metaphor that travels through culture. She is disinterested in new ideas; she is interested in what old ideas do now.

She has been doing a decade-long performance series called, “Performing for Industry” where she screams such words as “agency” or “industry” into latent workplaces. She eats junk food within public parks and asks if the food remembers itself. For her, reality is wacky, but facilitating change is serious.