My practice engages making through longstanding craft histories, often in conjunction with software and robotics. I care how an edge feels to touch, how a material’s sound confirms or subverts what we think we understand. I scrutinize contemporary notions of progress and proposes alternative ways of housing and dispersing information. Recent installations, sculptures, and performative exchanges attempt to reclassify materials as unorthodox knowledge containers. To this end, I establish platforms for learning and questioning in underexplored ways.

We live in a peculiar moment, where multiple technological revolutions compress to fit perceptibly within a single human lifetime. If I took a person from the recent past for a joy ride into the near future, I would not have to travel far to unsettle their perception of reality. My work seeks to exist within this space, carving out room for moving slowly and being sensitive to unlikely interfaces.

Artificial Unintelligence: Creature 1, 2016, Wood, Steel, Color-changing Acrylic, LEDs, Enamel, Custom Software and Electronics
Revolutions, Interchanges, Markers, 2017, Ongoing Performative Exchange
Untitled (Knowledge Containers), 2017, Porcelain
Untitled (Installation), 2017, Mixed Media
Library of Repositories for the Transmogrification of Unusual Knowledge, 2017, Tapes, Pastel, and Graphite on Vellum

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