Kushala Vora (b 1992, Panchgani, India) lives and works in Chicago and Panchgani Her practice manifests in sculpture, photography, drawing and video The core of Kushala Vora’s work lies in understanding the implications of the standardization of Time and Space on her body manifesting as habits She investigates these cultivated habits through symbols in education such as notebooks and symbols of accumulation such as the layers of a tree trunk Her work connects the ecosystem within our human bodies to that of a forest Like the rings of a tree carry the information of environmental change, her body becomes a capsule that holds the residue of her colonial past Through these explorations she aims to bring into our everyday consciousness, the impact of our individual actions on the people around us and the environment we reside in Vora has exhibited her work in The Museum of Fine Arts in Nagoya.

Making a Forest
Lost Forest
Spokes of a Wheel
Grammetric Shell

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