I experiment with different mediums, such as simple drawing, soft sculpture and stop-motion animation. Through various experimental processes, I present contradiction, such as simplicity and complexity, ephemerality and perpetuity, comedy and tragedy, life and death. By juxtaposing different forms and media, I try to blur space highlighting the interplay between these dichotomies in order to transcend them. As a nature, my works look to disrupt the boundaries of these dualities. For me, process is a small river It branches into different currents. Sometime it is very slow. Sometimes it is very fast. It is an ephemeral activity and each process carries the different emotions I carry. The flow of the river converges and eventually becomes one river and flowing to sea as if nothing happened.

Pink Locust (2017, pastel on fabric, filled with spongy foam, 36inch x 66 inch )
Series of Crutches (2018, fabric, pigmented rabbit skin glue on canvas filled with canvas scrap, fabric scrap and wire)
Series of Nails (2018, Pigmented rabbit skin glue and fabric on canvas, filled with canvas and fabric scrap and metal tube)
Limper with Blue Hat (2018, Sumi ink, oil, pigment, rabbit skin glue, fabric on plywood)
White Cut (Memory Debridement) (2017, Oil, soft pastel, crayon, oil bar, on cotton canvas, 74 inch x 55 inch)
Cheap TV clip1, Oil and pastel on wall, stop-motion animation
Cheap TV clip2
Cheap TV clip3