On October 22, 2015 Emmanuel Pratt and the Sweet Water Foundation brought a group of students and recent graduates in a program called There Grows the Neighborhood to learn about aquaponics.The students first discussed three fundamental factors that help keep the system working: symbiotic relationships, recirculation, and photosynthesis.

Then, to engage more closely with the biodynamic feedback loop on display inĀ Outside Design, the pairs sketched the system and documented any questions they developed along the way. Some of those questions and answers are:

What are the origins of this method?

Pratt explained that these systems are ancient and they originated in Africa and Asia. He mentioned that Egyptians used them.

What are some of the plants used?

The biofeedback loop uses basil, chard, and more.

Do any of the components above the fish affect the fish in any way?

Pratt explained that they do, the plants act as filters for the water that then re-enters the fish tank.


All photos: Frances Dorenbaum