Staff projects: James Connolly in Discarded: The Afterlife of Everyday Electronics

Friday, February 7th, 2014 » By lstone » See more posts from Staff Projects

Cracked Ray Tube, an installation by RBSC assistant curator James Connolly, and his collaborator, Kyle Evans, is on view in Discarded: The Afterlife of Everyday Electronics, at The Arcade, Columbia College, 618 S. Michigan Avenue 2nd floor (through March 7). Through hardware hacking the two artists manufacture a synchronized video and audio environment displayed on cathode ray tube (CRT) computer monitors and analogue televisions. This is a treat for those of you who love analog, who miss old TVs and putty colored monitors, who appreciate the finespun, distinctively non-High Def beauty of cathode ray tube generated images, and enjoy an interlude in the dark with all of the above plus low frequency sounds.

Cracked Ray Tube

By day James manages all things digital / electronic at the RBSC. His and Kyle’s Cracked Ray Tube work shows a side of James we don’t see at 1926, which should definitely be seen, heard, and felt. Don’t miss this show! There’s a reception and live performance on February 13, from 5:30 – 8:30.

Video and images are below.


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