Digital Storefront Submission Process for Wide-Format Inkjet, Vinyl Cutting and Perfect Bound Books.

We will be adding all of our services to the site soon and will keep you updated on their release.

Offered by the Service Bureau our Digital Storefront allows students, faculty, staff and alumni to order printing services 24/7 from within the college on the schools intranet. Our Digital Storefront offers a quick and easy print ordering experience similar to other online retail stores that you may be familiar with.

To get started follow these simple steps.

1. Service Bureau Online Submission (URL)

2. Default Username
Your username is the same as your SAIC username.

3. Default Password
Your password is the same as your SAIC password.


Perfect Bound Books are now being submitted via the Digital Storefront. We will not be accepting paper order forms. Please take a moment to look at our File Prep and Digital Storefront Guidelines.

Laser Printing, Risograph Printing, and Finishing Order Forms

1. Fill out the appropriate Online Order Form for Laser, Risograph and Finishing. 

Open the Order Form in Adobe Acrobat or Preview and rename the file when you save it. Our forms will not work in internet browsers, you must download the form first and then fill it out.

lzr_papericon rso_papericon fnsh_papericon
        LASER       RISOGRAPH              FINISHING    


2. Check your file size

Is it under 8MB? Email it. Over 8MB? Upload it to Google Drive and share it with the Service Bureau ( Be sure to enable the edit permissions.

3. Email

Fill out and attach the appropriate order form and print file (if its under 8MB) and put a brief description of the job in the body of the email.

 Attaching a File via Google Drive

When you are attaching files from your computer, you can attach files up to 25 megabytes in size. By inserting files using Drive, you can send up to 15 Gigabytes. If you are paying for a storage plan, you can send a file up to 1TB.

At the bottom of the email you are writing, click the Google Drive icon. google In the window that appears, you can upload a file to Google Drive, as well as navigate to or search for files you’ve stored in Drive. For files stored in Drive, Select the checkboxes next to the files you want to insert.

Here, you have two options:
1. Share the file through Drive (default option). You can upload multiple files at a time as well.
2. Send the file as an attachment by clicking Attachment


3. Click Insert and Send.

4. Once hitting send you will be prompted with the following window.


Please make sure you give us permission to edit.