Wide Format Inkjet

Using the latest Epson print technology (Epson 11880/Epson 9900/Epson P9000) in conjunction with the X-Rite SpectroProofer we monitor color accuracy throughout production and ensure the highest quality output for our clients.

Our technicians are responsible for the creation of custom profiles for all our media, proper archival handling methods and are equipped to print your artwork on the best suited machine for the media selected.

Below are listed features of our Wide-Format Inkjet service. Please review our file preparation requirements, turnaround times, and paper options before confirming any submission.

  File Preparation

Digital Files
We recommend that you work in Adobe RGB (1998) with a minimum resolution of 180 dpi and maximum of 360 dpi.

Files should be flattened with NO Alpha Channels.

File Format
Files should be saved as TIF or PDF at exactly the size you intend them to be printed. We will not adjust files that are submitted incorrectly.

Document Size
The document you upload should be the exact size you intend it to be printed. We do not scale files and will ask you to resend files not sized appropriately.
If you require a white border around the image you will need to add this to your document before submission. 

The width and height you input and the file you upload should be the same exact dimensions. 

Test Strip
There is no charge for the first test strip. The test strip will be done within 24 hours of submission of your order.

Please be sure to read our Policies and Guidelines Reprint Policy.


Turnaround times are in business days and do not include weekends or holidays. Test strips will be completed within 1 day after file submission.

Once you approve the test strip we will begin production on your final print.

3 business days – Standard turnaround time, no additional cost is incurred.
2 business days – 50% of total cost applied.
1 business day- 100% of total cost applied.

Test strips add an additional 24 hours to all turnaround times.

Note: Our wide-format printers print on roll media. Your print will be printed at the size you ordered on the appropriate sized media with crop marks to indicate where it will need to be cut down. We will roll your print in acid-free glassine and butcher paper until it is ready for pick up.

   Order Submission

Wide-Format Inkjet orders are submitted via our Digital Storefront at the link below.

Price Quotes
Our storefront provides a real-time price quote without placing an order. Simply choose the Wide-Format Inkjet product, put in the width and height, choose the desired media and the price quote will display in the lower left of the screen. 

At any time if you feel that the jobs are not being calculated correctly please alert us in the Special Instructions section and we will make sure the total is correct.

Ordering Multiple Files
If all the files you will be ordering are the same size you can simply add them all at the top of the window with the Add More Files option during document upload. The DSF will add up the total square feet for the multiple items and list them in the same order.

If you have files that are multiple sizes you will have to add them to your cart individually. After adding each file to your cart simply click the Return to Storefront option and continue with the next file. Although this is time consuming it will allow DSF to calculate your job correctly with the collective square footage for all jobs combined.

We only only accept ARTICard payments for jobs is required when you pick up your order and are paid for with your ARTICard. For more information on what ARTICard is and how to add funds to your account please visit the ARTICard departments page here.

Pick Up
The Service Bureau does not offer finishing options on wide-format inkjet prints. Your print will be printed at the size you ordered on the appropriate sized media with crop marks to indicate where it will need to be cut down. We will roll your print in acid-free paper until it is ready for pick up.

If you are having difficulty using our Digital Storefront please contact the Service Bureau at 312-629-9155 or sbureau@artic.edu.


There is a 2 square foot pricing minimum on all inkjet orders.

The Service Bureau offers over 20 types of paper and specialty media to suit your project needs.

Inkjet prints are priced by the square foot. To calculate out the square footage of your file use this equation: (height” X width”) ÷ 144.
To estimate how much a print will cost you need to know your image’s exact height (H) and width (W) in inches. Using those dimensions you can figure out the square footage.
(H” x W”) ÷ 144 = (# of sq/ft). This number you will then multiply by the cost of the paper. 

Download and View the Wide Format Inkjet Pricing – Service Bureau Pricing PDF

The Service Bureau is now offering a series of Jaquard FabriSign Coated Fabrics : Artist Canvas 6.5oz, Silk Satin 12mm and Cotton Broadcloth. These media are only available on the Epson 11880 printer.

FabriSign is a professional coating used for any aqueous (water-based) inks. FabriSign treated fabrics will be water-resistant, but not washable. Prints will yield deep, rich colors. FabriSign coating is perfect for fine art prints, giclée prints, banners, advertising prints and prototypes.

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Laser Printing

The Service Bureau has 2 different laser printers and many different papers to choose from:

Color Laser and Mono Press. 

color_droplet-02Color Laser

Our Canon C800 + C700 are our highest quality color laser printers are ideal for printing final class projects, presentations, and portfolio pieces including but not limited to flyers, posters, and saddle stitch booklets.


Size Limitations:  8.5×11 / 11×17 / 12×18 / 13×19
Paper: See Papers and Prices below for more info.
Ink Colors:   M  Y  K
Ink Type: Toner Based

File Type:  PDF
Resolution: 1200 dpi
Turnaround: 24 hours. 


Standard turnaround is 24 hours. There are no Rush options for Laser jobs.

We do not do “proofs” before running larger jobs. If you are running a large job and want to see a proof, turn in a job for only 1 copy of your document. This will be completed in 24 hours. Once you are satisfied with the outcome you will then turn in the final order for the number of copies you want.

  Color Laser Pricing

*Prices per printed side
See samples on their website : https://www.frenchpaper.com

Download – Service Bureau Pricing PDF



Mono Press / Black and White Laser

The Canon VarioPrint  is our cost effective black and white laser printer and is a high-speed, multifunction, black and white printer. It’s based on the unique Océ DirectPress® Technology, a highly stable technology that prints consistently high-quality images on a wide range of media and produces zero ozone.


Turnaround times may be longer for jobs over 2,500 pages, jobs that require special handling, and during high volume times. When submitting hardcopy originals to be copied, please remove all staples, post-its, and binding.

Size Limitations: 8.5×11 / 11×17 / 12×18
Paper: See Papers and Prices below for more info.
Ink Colors: BLACK
Ink Type: Toner Based
File Type: PDF
Resolution: 600 dpi


Standard turnaround is 24 hours. There are no Rush options for Laser jobs.

We do not do “proofs” before running larger jobs. If you are running a large job and want to see a proof, turn in a job for only 1 copy of your document. This will be completed in 24 hours. Once you are satisfied with the outcome you will then turn in the final order for the number of copies you want.

  Mono Press Pricing

Download – Service Bureau Pricing PDF


French Paper in stock:
Construction Pure White-Text/80# Cover/ 100# Cover
Construction Whitewash-Text/100# Cover
Construction Grout Gray-Text/80# Cover
Speckletone True White-Text/80# Cover/100# Cover
Speckletone Oatmeal-Text/80# Cover
Dur-O-Tone Newsprint-Text
Dur-O-Tone Aged Newsprint-Text
Dur-O-Tone Pack Brown Wrap-Text
Construction Blacktop-Text/80# Cover
Construction Nightshift Blue-Text/ 80# Cover
Construction Electric Red – Text/80# Cover
Construction Insulation Pink – Text/80# Cover
Kraft-Tone Carbon Copy-Text/#80 Cover
Pop-Tone Sno Cone-Text/100# Cover

See samples on their website : https://www.frenchpaper.com

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Risograph Printing

Our machine is an MZ-1090 and has two drums, which allows it to print two colors in a single pass.

What is Risograph Printing?
Similar to screen printing, the Risograph MZ-1090 uses single colors to print designs from a master stencil. Great for bold designs, posters, comic art, pretty much anything with a graphic quality to it.

Riso sits between screen printing and offset lithography. Using a stencil-based printing process and soy based inks gives riso-prints a result similar to silkscreen with vibrant bright colors. Great for bold designs, posters, comic art, pretty much anything with a graphic quality to it.*

*If you’re looking for photographic quality reproduction, we recommend using our Inkjet or Laser printing services instead.

Order Minimum: 10 Copies
Size:  8.5″x11″ or 11″x17″ 

Paper: Uncoated Papers up to 80# Cardstock.

Our Risograph reliably accepts paper weights between 50# text and 80# cover. We do offer many papers, but we are happy to try out a new stock. 

When looking to purchase paper for your project, keep in mind Risograph ink primarily dries by absorption, so the paper must be uncoated. Paper that has a tooth works best. Please feel free to bring a sample for us before buying to make sure it will work.

Ink Colors: Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Orange, Fluorescent Pink, Purple, Lime Green, Metallic Gold – WHITE!
Ink Type: Soy-based, translucent ink

File Type: PDF


48 hours + 24 hours for each additional color. Turnaround times are dependent on drying time between printing each color and side.  There are no Rush options for Risograph.

For more information on file layout and set-up and prices, download our Everything You Need To Know About Risograph Guide.


We currently have 11 colors. We show you here an approximation of the RGB color and the Pantone reference information.

Risograph ink is translucent, so its final appearance depends on the color of the paper it is printed on and the layering of each ink. Colors can be overprinted to create new ones. it is possible to blend any combination of tints together to produce color variants.

We have an Adobe Swatch file of all the colors available for download on our Resources page.

ColorPantone ColorHex Color 
BlackPMS-Black UHex #000000
Fluorescent PinkPMS-806 UHex #FF48B0
Bright RedPMS-185 UHex #F15060
PMS- 021 UHex #FF6C2F
YellowPMS- Yellow UHex #FFE800
Lime GreenPMS- 380 UHex #D4E356
GreenPMS- 354 UHex #00A75C
BluePMS- 3005UHex #0075BF
PurplePMS- 275UHex #5D5580
Metallic GoldPMS- 872 UHex #AC936E
WhiteHex #AC936E

  Submission Guidelines

Digital Files
For each print you submit we require ONE FILE PER COLOR and a Composite.

A composite: a color PDF of what the end result is meant to look like.

(For example, for a 2 color print you would submit 3 files.)

File Format
We accept PDF.

The risograph creates halftones. No need to add them in Photoshop.

The Risograph machine has a resolution of 600 dpi. Use this resolution for your images. 300 dpi will also work but for thin lines we recommand 600.

Vectorize your font to avoid any problem of pixellation. Size should not go under 6 pt.


 Plate Setup 1 Color
2 Colors
3 Colors
Text Weight

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Book Binding

Saddle Stitch Booklets

What is a Saddle Stitch?
Saddle Stitching refers to a very popular book binding method in which folded sheets are gathered together one inside the other and then stapled through the fold line with wire staples. The staples pass through the folded crease from the outside and are clinched between the centermost pages.

Only takes 24 hours! Good for zines, short comics, or small pamphlets. 
Saddle Stitch Binding typically folds an 8.5″x11″ or 11″x17″ paper in half to make a book.

Printers:  Canon C800/C700
Size: Either 5.5×8″ or 8.5×11″. Books are folded along the long edge

Paper: Hammermill Bond, Sterling Gloss Text, B&W Laser Paper, or B&W Colored Papers*
* You can print your cover on one kind of paper/printer and the body of your book on another (i.e. a color cover w/ b&w text inside )

File Preparation: Single pages (NOT spreads). The # of pages must be divisible by 4.
File Type:  PDF

 Turnaround:  24 Hours: The volume of booklets and any finishing requests may increase the turnaround time. 

For more specific information on file preparation and prices, download our Everything You Need to Know About Saddle Stitch Guide.

Spiral Binding

What is Spiral Binding?
Spiral Binding, also known as Coil binding, is a commonly used book binding style for documents. Spiral Binding uses a coil that is fed through small holes punched in the pages and cover of the book. The spiral coil holds the pages and cover as an assembly yet still allows them to open freely. In fact, one of the primary user benefits of a spiral bound book is that the pages can be opened a full 360 degrees (cover to cover). This allows an open book to fold back upon itself and yet still remain flat, so it stays open for easy reference and yet takes up minimal room on a desk or table.

Wire Length:  Max 11″
Wire Type: We offer the Wire-O type of binding. Using a twin loop system. We have a number of color choices. Please stop in to see our samples before ordering. Black, white, red, green, blue, silver and gold. 
# of Pages: Max 100


24 Hours Depending on the volume of booklets and any finishing you are requesting the turnaround may increase. If you have a deadline you are hoping to meet with a large personal or departmental order please contact before submitting so we can determine a timeline for your job. 

Binding Only: $4.00
Binding w/ Cardstock Covers: $3.50
Binding w/ Clear Covers Only: $4.00
Binding w/ Clear Cover and Cardstock Back: $4.50

Perfect Binding

What is Perfect Binding?
Perfect Binding is a form of bookbinding in which the books pages are bound by gluing single sheets rather than by sewing or stapling. With this binding method, the pages and cover are glued together at the spine with a strong yet flexible glue. The other three sides of the book are then trimmed as needed to give them clean “perfect” edges.

Perfect bound books look clean and professional. Ideal for show catalogs, portfolios, photo albums, small run comics, and self published artists books.

Size: Any size you want, so long as the page and crop marks fit onto a 13″x19″ piece of paper.

Most books are 8″x10″ or smaller. Anything larger will take longer and cost more. See the Oversized BooksInkjet Covers, and Lamination section below. 

Paper: Hammermill Bond or Sterling Gloss Text for the body; Hammermill Cardstock, Sterling Gloss Cover.
You can supply your own paper or prints as well, but some papers won’t work in our printers or binder, so check with the Bureau Staff first.


Perfect Bound books take 9 days, with a proof in 3 days and the finished book(s) 6 days after that, not including weekends. If you do not want a proof, your book(s) will still take 6 days.

Perfect Bound Books take 6 business days to complete, whether you’re getting 1 or 50. This does not include a proof book.

If you’re getting more than 25 books, please speak with a Technician before placing your order. Unfortunately, the binding process here at the Service Bureau is all by hand which takes a considerable amount of production time and pulls staff away from their other duties. For this reason, we reserve the right to deny certain amounts for Perfect Binding requests.er.

  Submission Guidelines

Digital Files
We recommend using Adobe InDesign to build your file. We have a number of tutorials on our website on our Resources page to assist you. 

2 separate files – a file for the cover, and a file for the body of the book. Both files need crop marks and bleed marks.
The body of your book must be single pages, not spreads.

File Format
All files must be exported and submitted as PDF.

We highly recommend getting a proof of your book. Proofs take 3 days. The rest of the books are finished 6 days after you approve the proof. Proofs are 1/2 price if you approve the order, full price if you decide to cancel. Proofs are labeled with a sticker on the insider cover.

Spine Calculator: Refer to the table to estimate how wide the spine will be. If you want text on your spine, be sure to make it small enough to fit. *We highly recommend a proof when using text on the spine. 

For more specific information on file layout, submission guidelines, set-up and prices, download our Everything You Need To Know About Perfect Binding Guide.


For books 8″x10″ portrait or smaller, NO Inkjet cover, NO lamination. Anything else see Oversized BooksInkjet Covers, and Lamination

# of sheetsprice/sheetBinding FeeCover Fee

For runs larger than 50 books please email us at servicebureau@saic.edu to discuss.

If you’re getting more than 25 books, please speak with a Technician before placing your order. Unfortunately, the binding process here at the Service Bureau is all by hand which takes a considerable amount of production time and pulls staff away from their other duties. For this reason, we reserve the right to deny certain amounts for Perfect Binding requests.

Oversized Books, Inkjet Covers, and Lamination

If you are thinking about printing a large book, or adding finishing touches like lamination to your book, here is some information you need to know. 

Oversized Books

Cover :You can supply your own cover or get an Inkjet Cover made. ( See Books with Inkjet Covers. )
Paper :Hammermill Bond for books larger than 11″x17″.
Turnaround: 6 days – Only applies if you supply your own cover.
Size: An Oversized Book is anything larger than 8″x10″. The biggest we can print is 12″x18″.
Price: Price per page doubles for Large books.

Books with Inkjet Covers

Paper: All Inkjet Papers are available *** Recommended Epson Enhanced Matte
*** When deciding on a paper, remember if you are laminating your cover (highly recommended) the surface of the paper does not matter.
Prices:  Instead of the $2.00 cover fee, normal inkjet printing prices are added to the cost of the book. For more on inkjet printing prices see Inkjet Printing.
Turnaround: 8 Days

Lamination: Recommended for Inkjet Covers, available for all paper and sizes.

Types:  Glossy or Matte
Benefits:   Laminating your cover protects it from general wear and gives the book a professional look. Highly recommended for Inkjet covers, which are more likely to scratch.
Prices:  Adds $5.00

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Vinyl Cutting

The Service Bureau uses a Graphtec FC8600-160 vinyl cutter for professional-quality cutting.

What is Vinyl Cutting?
A vinyl cutter is a type of computer-controlled plotter. The computer controls the movement of a sharp blade to cut designs & text into a single color thin self-adhesive plastic or vinyl. 

You can use vinyl cutting to make window decals, wall text for a gallery, reflective stickers, or stencils for painting or screen printing.

Roll Specs: 28″ MAX WIDTH
Vinyl Type: Avery 900 Ultimate Cast
Vinyl Colors: Matte Black, Glossy Black, Matte White , Glossy White, & Dark Grey, Cardinal Red, Dark Yellow, Reflex Blue, Fluorescent Magenta, Reflective Red, Reflective White, Paintmask, Etchmark (frosted), Light Gray, Bayshore Blue, Orange, Clover Green, Lavender.
Size:   Minimum 1 sq/ft for in stock media    /  Minimum 2 sq/ft for special orders
Vinyl Rating: 4-7 years , depending on type
File Type: Illustrator files only


48 Hours Cutting Only

Due to staffing and space limitations we are no longer offering Weeding and Taping services through the Service Bureau.
Your job will be supplied to you cut only, with all the vinyl still intact.

  File Preparation

Digital Files
We recommend using Adobe Illustrator to build your file. All elements of the image must be vector objects in order for the machine to see a cut line.

Fonts + Text
We recommend text is not smaller than 24pt—36pt
Serif fonts are harder to weed than sans-serif.

Strokes and text must be converted to outlines.

File Format
All files must be AI or EPS with all designs as closed vector paths with no overlapping paths.

It helps to open the file in Illustrator and go to View > Outline.  The cutter will cut all the lines you see.  Any black space will not be cut.

We will not adjust files that are submitted incorrectly.

For more specific information on file set-up and file preparation in Illustrator download our Everything You Need To Know About Vinyl Cutting Guide.

   Order Submission

Cut Vinyl orders are submitted via our Digital Storefront at the link below. Our storefront is able to give you an real time price quote without placing an order. 



In addition to our regular stock, we have a limited selection of assorted vinyl colors available. You can also special order any of the Avery 900 Ultimate Cast colors, adding at least 4 days to your turnaround time. Come see us at the Service Bureau for more details.

To purchase your own vinyl to cut with us we recommend Sign Outlet Store. To be safe please consult a technician before purchasing materials for cutting. A sample book of available colors is available upon request.

Glossy Black
Glossy White
Dark Gray
Cardinal Red
Reflex Blue
Dark Yellow
Fluorescent Magenta
Light Gray
Bayshore BluePantone #292
OrangePantone #021
Clover GreenPantone #354


Vinyl TypeRoll Width CostAvailable Colors
Normal Vinylup to 30" $4.00 sq/ftGlossy Black, Glossy White, Dark Grey, Cardinal Red, Dark Yellow, Reflex Blue
Specialty Vinylup to 30"$5.00 sq/ftMatte Black, Matte White, Fluorescent Magenta, Bayshore Blue, Reflective Red, Reflective White, Paint Mask, Orange, Clover Green, Lavender, Sandblast.
Supply your own mediaup to 50"$3.00 sq/ftAvery sample book available upon request.

Additional Vinyl Information

Your job will be supplied to you cut, with all the vinyl still intact. The Service Bureau is no longer offering weeding services due to space and staffing limitations.


To “weed” a vinyl job means to remove the excess vinyl from the liner, leaving only your words and designs.

Some advice when weeding your file:
— Go slowly. Work in small sections and peel the material off a little at a time 
— Use a clean, sharp knife. A dull knife will result in accidental cuts or rough edges. 
— The smaller the type of more detailed the pattern, the more difficult it will be. If you’re new to weeding, you may want to practice with simpler designs first. 
— We’re here to help! Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from one of our experienced staff.

Application Tape

Tape must be applied over the vinyl to hold the pieces in place and transfer them from the liner on to the wall. Taping is even easier than weeding . We will provide you with the tape, squeegees for pressing the tape to the vinyl and removing bubbles, and lots of tips and tricks.


We won’t install the vinyl for you, but here’s some good advice on how to make it go smoothly:

— Clean the wall. Vinyl doesn’t stick well to grime. Recommended: Isopropyl alcohol and paper towels.
— Remove the lining slowly so as not to accidentally peel the vinyl off the application tape.
— Use a credit card or squeegee to make sure the vinyl is stuck to the wall before removing the application tape. Start at one side and work your way across.



The Service Bureau collates multi-page, multi-copy documents by default. If you would like the pages uncollated, please specify that on the order form. Documents that have multiple components (i.e. both color and black and white pages) may require hand collation.

By Machine / Free
By Hand  / $0.10 per packet


Multi-page documents can be stapled in any of the four corners of the document or double-stapled on any of the edges of the document. The Service Bureau is capable of stapling up to 100 pages.

By Machine /  $0.01 per staple
By Hand  /  $0.05 per staple


The Service Bureau can fold individual sheets, up to 12″ x 18″, into a tri-fold, z-fold, or half-fold.

By Machine /  $0.01 per sheet

Hole Punching

Three-hole punching is available for printed documents or hard-copy originals*.

By Machine /  $0.01 per sheet

*Three-hole punching is an irreversible process. It is recommended to make copies of irreplaceable files before having them hole-punched.

Bulk Cutting

The Service Bureau will bulk cut* a minimum of 25 pages. Pricing is based on quantities of approximately 100 pages in a stack.

By Machine /  $1.00 per 100 pages

*Bulk cutting is an irreversible process. It is recommended to make copies of irreplaceable files before having them cut.


Our laminator uses a process called Glossy Encapsulated Lamination. 

Encapsulation is very similar in look and feel to lamination except the finished result has the telltale extra margin of heat-sealed plastic extending beyond the edge of the paper. It is most commonly seen with a gloss finish and the process gives the printed item a significant extra thickness. That may be a good or a bad thing, depending upon your viewpoint and intended use.

*With our process you can cut to the edge of the media and it will stay sealed.

We no longer offer sheet lamination. All jobs are done on a continuous roll. You job will be rough cut meaning it will be in separate sheets.  All fine cutting will be done by the customer. For large orders over 20 sheets your job will be provided in rolls and will need to be cut down individually by the customer.

$1.00 –  8.5″ x 11 area
$2.00 – 11″ x 17  area

*Lamination is an irreversible process. It is recommended to make copies of irreplaceable files before having them laminated.

Not recommended for fine art photography.

Buttons and Magnets

The Service Bureau can print and assemble 1″ round buttons or magnets. Download our template and place graphics and text as directed.Pricing includes color printing, using our template. The button making service and pricing is well-suited to small runs, from 1-100, you may want to consider off-campus resources if you are interested in a larger quantity.Turnaround time for printing is 24 hours, turnaround time for assembly of up to 35 buttons is another 24hours. If you want it done faster, feel free to print the design yourself at our self-serve printers around the school.

Bureau Assembled (up to 70)  – Per Button   /   $0.30
User Assembled  (any amount)  – Per Button   /   $0.25Bureau Assembled (up to 70)  – Per Magnet   /   $0.30
User Assembled  (any amount)  – Per Magnet   /   $0.25

Turnaround: 48 hours

Faxing and Scanning

Faxes may be sent to local, national, and international fax numbers through the Service Bureau. The Service Bureau will not keep any faxes received for students, faculty or staff. The printers at the Service Bureau can scan multi-page documents and send a PDF of the documents via email.

Local Fax  :  First Page / $0.50   – Additional Pages  /  $0.20
National Fax   :   First Page / $1.00   – Additional Pages  /  $0.20
International Fax  :    First Page / $3.00   – Additional Pages  /  $0.20


By Machine /  $0.02 per sheet
By Hand  /   $0.05  per side


Grommets are great for hanging inkjet prints or binding a few sheets together. They are silver and 3/8″ in diameter. The Service Bureau will provide the grommets and the press for customer use. Self-assembly must be done on the 11th floor, by checking out the grommet press. Per Grommet:1-20  /  $0.25

21-100   /    $0.20
101-500   /   $0.15