I am nothing but what my memories make of me. My personality, my inspirations, my vocabulary, my art have all been molded to what they are now due to the moments and people I have experienced and the memories that have derived from them. There is this great humility that comes from reflecting on these real memories, whether visual or tactile.

My art practice initially began with photography when I was much younger. And as I grew older and serious about pursuing art, I asked myself, “Why am I taking pictures?” That is when I realized how many images I hoard — simply to look back on them to reminisce that moment when I clicked the shutter shut.

This concept began to take form in my graphic design work in college. I brought my intangible memories into digitally rendered lines and shapes, then, pushed the digital to collaborate with the tactile forms of bound books.

My work is solely dependent on the memory storage bank I’ve been creating since I was born. I purposely seek new places and experiences to update and add to this inventory.

On Gaston Bachelard's "The Poetics of Space" (4" x 4") Ink, Print media, Thermochromatic cloth. Let your fingertips leave a memory. Hold on tight to this chapbook. Text is provided by John R. Stilgoe’s "On Gaston Bachelard’s 'Poetics of Space.'”