I am a Senior at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), graduating in May 2017. My major is Visual Communication Design and my minor is Film, Animation, and Art and Technology.

My expertise lies in creating conceptually strong and aesthetically pleasing graphics over all kinds of mediums. I have worked with web graphics, motion graphics, branding, infographics, and more. I also have a strong background in coding, illustration, and typography. I enjoy experimenting with design while maintaining a strong conceptual foundation. I’m a big risk taker, but I also bear in mind the functionality and the logic of design through minimalism and hierarchy. It is not a matter of merely adding ‘stuff’ but rather a disposition towards innovation and originality. I pay attention to what the user has to experience when interacting with my designs.

"Persona" HTML/CSS/Java, C++, e-reader, Paper, iPad, 3D Modeling Filament, Cardboard. Persona is a product that was built to physically engage in personal digital identity. Persona was created to help users control information projected into the world and help economically reduce the space in wallets. Branding and packaging materials are used to enhance the concept. This product is a prototype.
"Typeface Design, A History" (20" x 30") Infographic Design