by Haruka Morimoto

After a long day at work...she let the candles burn open, pulled off her silver earrings and threw them inside.

Comet is a hollow spherical candle. It has a self-trimming wick that is wrapped around in a spiral to allow it to gradually burn open. Each candle creates a unique wax vessel as it burns, allowing the user to stop the process at any point and observe the transformation of the object from a candle to a bowl.

Haruka Morimoto

BFA Designed Objects, 2012

Haruka Morimoto designs everyday objects that encourage playfulness. Haruka has lived in various environments and experienced the lifestyles of the United States, China, and Japan. She is inspired by the rituals and habits performed in everyday life, and aims to reveal the creativeness in everybody through designing highly interactive products.  From her experience of different cultural activities and volunteering, she has found a deep interest in the concept of reconstruction.