by Allon Kapeller-Libermann

I make sense. My measurements have some new shapes. Blue for this, orange for that, and green all have their places. I have assigned their visual weights. Know them by their shape and color.

The ubiquitous desk ruler indicates measures by lines of varying lengths. By introducing shapes and color, the NEW RULE ruler assigns measurements to more than just a number.

Anodized Aluminum, with Enamel Printed Graphics. Metric measurement on one side, Imperial on the other.
20” L x 1.15” W x 1/8” thick

Allon Kapeller-Libermann

BFA: Designed Objects,2013

Allon Kapeller-Libermann looks to resolve the question of what is usefulness. Research is crucial. By envisioning the possible contexts
of an object his designs can maximize their potential forms. With this understanding, Allon designs for the contemporary world.