Particularly Persnickety Porcelain Party Pyramids with Pom Poms

by Mallika Chandra
Pass the popcorn
Please! Partying perfectly.
Spills, so stay stable. Slippery, slipping, slipped!

A collection of alliterative party servingware, inspired by the nonsensical linguistic games from Lewis Caroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, first published in 1866.

Pyramid: 12.5 cm Diameter x 22 cm Tall. Pom-Poms: Various - 16cm L - 28 cm L 
Porcelain (peach or periwinkle glaze), plastic, sterling silver hardware, pure alpaca wool and silk pompoms

Photos by Jonathan Allen.

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Mallika Chandra

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Studio, 2016

Mallika Chandra creates objects that encourage playfulness through sensory stimulation and open-ended physical interactions in the context of everyday life, and aspires to make them neutral to age, gender, and handedness.

Mallika is from India. She is interested in cross-cultural ideas of childhood and play. Mallika has worked with poor urban toddlers in a mobile crèche in Mumbai to research low-cost, stimulating play materials and further extended this research in Tanzania. She has experience as a product design intern at AKMD Collection, Chicago, and Rubberband Products, Mumbai.